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Health is my touchstone. I strive to feed my physical, mental and spiritual body daily through the practice of habits that support growth, healing and expansion.


Intuitive work speaks to me. Nutrition, yoga, meditation and theta are my grounding tools. Through my practice I will hold space to help you realize your true self and fill you with unconditional love. 


What is ThetaHealing®? 

ThetaHealing is a meditation process using focused thought to access the subconscious mind. 


Everything moves and vibrates. All matter is energy in a state of vibration. 


We all have 4 bodies of energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 


Theta healing works on your energy body. It uncovers and brings to light unconscious beliefs making us more aware of how our own thoughts are limiting us. This in turn allows us to think and behave differently, raising our vibration and attracting more of what we want into our lives. 

How can ThetaHealing® help? 

This work is an invitation to discover yourself. You will uncover core beliefs that can lead to physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual change. It is nourishing, restorative energy work which leads to expansion of awareness and vibrational shifts. 


Theta can help us to see more clearly, to take action and make decisions with discernment and understanding. You will become more self aware and realize whether your thoughts and actions are in alignment with your goals and desires. Learn to create congruent thinking so that your mind and heart match. Adjust your mindset and you will shift your experience. Leave feeling lighter with a renewed sense of energy. 


Exchange rate:  $80 - 1hour theta healing session


Appointments available: Weekday evenings 3 pm - 6 pm, Weekends 11am - 6 pm 


In person or by phone





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Deep work: Let me know one thought, experience, fear, resentment or belief you want to work on.